With improved stiffness, aero performance, handling and control, the S3 Disc prioritizes progress once again.

Free from the constraints of rim brakes, the S3 Disc has been engineered to be stiffer and more aerodynamic than its rim-brake counterpart, while continuing to make the most of the lightweight design rooted in the Project California research facility.


190916 S3 Disc D5B 1850"The S3 Disc's superior handling and control will give performance-seeking riders the confidence to pull away from the peloton or crush a Saturday morning group ride," said Antoine Ballon, Cervélo's Global Marketing Manager. "We know the Cervélo community around the world will love our new disc platform as much as we do."

The S3 Disc's 12mm thru-axle technology boosts stiffness in both the back-end and in the fork, leading to better handling and an 8 per cent increase in headtube stiffness. Bottom-bracket stiffness was boosted by 9 per cent to improve overall handling and power transfer. The re- engineered leg airfoil of the all-new S3 Disc fork, combined with an elevated fork crotch that reduces the low pressure zone behind the crown, also makes the S3 Disc 19g (~2 watts) faster than an S3.


190916 S3 Disc D5A 1273Available for order as of Sept. 16, the S3 Disc features two builds in two eye-catching colourways. Retail pricing is 4.999€ for Ultegra 6800 and 7.299€ for Ultegra Di2 6870. The fact sheet and images featuring the S3 Disc are also available on the Media Portal.
As part of the public launch on Sept. 16, the S3 Disc will take over Cervelo.com with photo galleries, product information and an in-depth look at Cervélo's innovative disc-related technologies.


For more information, visit www.cervelo.com/en/road/s-series/s3-disc 


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