Mathew Hayman Wins Paris-Roubaix

Mathew Hayman Wins Paris-Roubaix

ORCIA-GreenEDGE Rider Mathew Hayman impressed the cycling world with an unexpected win in the velodrome of Roubaix.


After riding a smart race the whole day, Hayman proved to be the strongest when it came to a sprint of five after a grueling 253 kilometers.


160413 a91051e6-1303-4997-906a-139a73c2d48bA Sensation in the Making

The 37-year old ORICA-GreenEDGE veteran Mathew Hayman, who was riding his 15th Paris-Roubaix, made all the right decisions in a race where more things can go wrong than right. The first decision was to jump into a break that formed after about 70 kilometers of racing. Hayman then stayed in the lead group all day establishing the foundation for his victory. "I didn't have to surge to get in position before the cobbled sectors, I just had to make sure I saved as much energy as possible while being in the front group," Hayman said after the race.


"Everybody that has ridden Paris-Roubaix knows it's one of those rare races where being in an early break can get a rider a good result." When some of the big pre-race favorites caught up with the lead group, Hayman was in position to let the others work, "They knew I was in the breakaway during large parts of the race. I was able to just sit there and save energy," the ORICA-GreenEDGE rider commented after the race.


160413 fcc37a03-a4d2-4526-8076-3b074ef5e401The Strongest Rider Wins

In a thrilling final, where all the riders in the lead group took their chances in attacks, Hayman proved to be the smartest, making his decisive move with less than two kilometers to go. Only pre-race favorite Tom Boonen was able to follow the Australian into the Roubaix Velodrome. On the last lap, however, the chasers closed the gap. When that happened, Hayman used the speed coming from up the banking to launch the sprint. Despite the efforts of passing him, not even the strong sprinting Tom Boonen had enough left in his tank to match Hayman's final surge. "I had the feeling that everybody was pretty tired, so I decided to hit out and go for it," the 37-year old commented on his sprint. Hayman proved again that at Paris-Roubaix, the strongest rider wins.


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