POC Fondo

POC Fondo

a new range to encourage the passion for cycling


POCs new Fondo range is more than pure performance or covering a defined distance, it is focussed simply on giving a rider the best experience possible on a bike. Cycling can take a rider anywhere and everywhere and with each ride new challenges dictated by weather, distance, and intensity will have an impact. The goal with POC Fondo has been to develop road cycling apparel that has performance, function and comfort at the core to improve everyones ride.


150901 51fd8c9a-7684-4b64-b528-54d83ae07e7cPOC entered the road bike scene in 2014, with the AVIP collection which combined different technological and design solutions to improve a cyclists protection whilst riding on the road. POC Raceday was the natural next step which has focussed on no compromise performance and created for racing and speed.

POC Fondo, has been built on the knowledge and experience gained in creating AVIP and Raceday and focusses on fit and comfort to embrace and enhance the passion associated with road cycling.


150901 910dd73a-da49-47f5-82ad-019072d29327Oscar Huss, Head of product development POC says:

" We wanted to translate all the experience we have gained from AVIP, RaceDay and working with professional cyclists to come up with a range which represented more than just performance but would also support and improve the riding experience for any rider.



The feedback from our partners has given us invaluable guidance and knowledge in design, manufacturing and making. Together we have researched different fabrics, panels and compositions and the insights have been carefully transferred and translated into the POC Fondo range of products to meet the needs of dedicated cyclists."


150901 22f46140-17ad-457b-b7e7-2683f76d4cf1The POC Fondo range will be launched at Eurobike 2015 and available in store in Spring 2016. The Fondo range will consist of classic and light jerseys, bib shorts, wind and rain protection and all the necessary accessories, such as gloves, hats and arm, leg and shoe covers.


More information at www.pocsports.com 


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